You may now continue your existence

21/ Penn State, State College PA Whovian, Sherlockian, Potterhead, college Music connoisseur= My life. I just love to love life to its fullest and try to get the most out of it We Are.Penn State '14 FTK

This guys #WelcomeToAmerica

The burger gods have spoken #ShakeShack (at King of Prussia Mall)

Boop boop

#tbt “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” #THON #FTK #FTW @pillarftk

Best. Concert. Ever @onerepublic @thescriptofficial @americanauthors

It’s always a good night when you end it at #HoagieHaven (at Hoagie Haven)

Summer cookout #masterchef

#foodporn (at What’s Your Beef)

What a night. Can’t believe that was a year ago. Wonder what 22 will bring.

It’s like they know my day is coming up. #birthday

Missed this so much :D #SpoiledPuppy

Winner winner chicken dinner #AC

This is just the worst…

Probably the most depressing night in college. My family should be up here watching me graduate.but neither are happening