You may now continue your existence

21/ Penn State, State College PA Whovian, Sherlockian, Potterhead, college Music connoisseur= My life. I just love to love life to its fullest and try to get the most out of it We Are.Penn State '14 FTK

Summer cookout #masterchef

#foodporn (at What’s Your Beef)

What a night. Can’t believe that was a year ago. Wonder what 22 will bring.

It’s like they know my day is coming up. #birthday

Missed this so much :D #SpoiledPuppy

Winner winner chicken dinner #AC

This is just the worst…

Probably the most depressing night in college. My family should be up here watching me graduate.but neither are happening


Contact the FCC and tell them ISP are a common carrier and help stop the monopoly that is quickly forming from these ISPs

So. Much. Matzo. Why did I but that big box?!?


Can’t believe @genielle_oh_el
is going to BU in only 6 months!! #Bostonstrong #GoBostonTerriers

Round deux!